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Glades X

Glades X

This skiff is a truly minimalist design. It will fish the skinniest water and still carry a load of three people easily. This skiff is quiet, dry and poles very easily. You can ride it hard and put it away wet and it will still last a lifetime. A great skiff for any place that […]

Low Tide Legend

Low Tide Legend

The Low Tide Legend at 16’4″ was designed as a two person skiff. The inspiration for the skiff came from my life long friend Steve Huff, a true Legend. He loves tiller skiffs that will handle all the waters around Everglades City Florida. So I made this model. It rides dry, comfortable, and poles in […]

Low Tide Guide

Low Tide Guide

The Low Tide Guide skiff is possibly the finest poling skiff ever designed with the fly fishing guide and angler in mind. Silent, nimble, easy poling, efficient, economical, dry, comfortable are words that all fit the description of this great skiff   It will for you what it does better and more efficiently then any […]

History of Spear Boatworks

Harry and RickRick Ruoff On Harry Spear…

Rarely do you come across a fishing guide that is the real deal- the whole package. Not only must a guide have a extra sense about when and where the fish will be, but he has to understand when they feed and how to approach them. The skiff has become one of the guide’s most important tools. All skiffs are definitely not created equal. Weight and performance are only part of the package. Subtleties of design do such things as allow for a quick change of direction while poling, and provide a silent approach to the fish. The boat also has to provide a comfortable to ride to the fishing grounds and be economical to run long distances.

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